Confucianism sociology and ideal person

If it is not the ancestral and nature spirits, what then is the basis of a stable, unified, and enduring social order? Solution Summary The ideal person according to Confucius is determined.

This is because reciprocity is demanded from the superior as well. Thus if the "outer" side of Confucianism was conformity and acceptance of social roles, the "inner" side was cultivation of conscience and character.

In late traditional China, emperors sought to establish village lectures on Confucian moral precepts and to give civic awards to filial sons and chaste wives. Indeed, Confucius saw filial piety as the first step toward moral excellence, which he believed lay in the attainment of the cardinal virtue, ren humanity.

What will you consider the first thing to be done? The world, which emerges out of that ongoing transformation, exhibits both organismic unity and dynamism.

SinceChina has been pursuing economic modernization. There is no greater joy for me than to find, on self-examination, that I am true to myself.

The social vision, contained in the Lijishows society not as an adversarial system based on contractual relationships but as a community of trust with emphasis on communication.

His discussion of the Supreme Ultimate taiji — the all embracing ultimate standard in the universe — is so transcendental that it is as religious as it can be.

Starting from individual and family, people acting rightly could reform and perfect the society. University of California Press,pp.

Ren (Confucianism)

Hence, it creates a descending ladder. Yet it was not until the prime minister Gongsun Hong died bce had persuaded Wudi to announce formally that the ru school alone would receive state sponsorship that Confucianism became an officially recognized imperial ideology and state cult.

Those who are sincere are called true xin. The authority of ancient sages and worthies, the classical tradition, conventional norms, teachers, governmental rules and regulations, and political officers are all important for that process.

So dominant is this value that, to this day, Chinese generally are guided by the value in their relations with parents and elders, even though its expression changes with time and parents and children may have different standards and expectations.

In fact, Confucian ethics was by then virtually inseparable from the moral fabric of Chinese society. The publication of a definitive official edition of the Wujing with elaborate commentaries and subcommentaries and the implementation of Confucian rituals at all levels of governmental practice, including the compilation of the famous Tang legal codewere two outstanding examples of Confucianism in practice.

The dual focus on the transformation of the self Confucius is said to have freed himself from four things: Li is often translated as " ritual " while yi is often translated as " righteousness ". This may be true especially in times of social chaos, such as during the period of the Ming-Qing transition.

History of Confucianism

Many of these Confucians suffered and sometimes died because of their conviction and action. In Confucianism, the sage or wise is the ideal personality; however, it is very hard to become one of them. Toward the end of the Han as many as 30, students attended the Imperial University.

Thus one side of Confucianism was the affirmation of accepted values and norms of behavior in primary social institutions and basic human relationships. But the practice of Confucian love and ultimately ren really begins with xiao usually translated as filial pietya value that emphasizes respect and honor to parents, elders, and ancestors.Confucianism and Taoism study guide by flongoni includes 15 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

-ideal person, gentleman-prior to confucious, nobility was based birth rather than merit Sociology unit 1 Early Theorists. THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH 22 terms.

Confucianism: Sociology and Ideal Person

Athens and Sparta. 11 terms. The Ideal Person An ideal Person according to Confucius was one who had the ability to focus on the reality of the world and be empowered to provide guidelines as to how people ought to live their lives.

But Confucianism remains important as a Chinese ideal of spiritual life, and aspects of it, including different expressions of xiao, are practiced by ordinary Chinese. Confucius founded a moral and spiritual system that provided the ideal for one to be religious through self cultivation to be a moral human.

Confucianism ideal person can be form by the five virtues as well. The virtues are comprised of love, education and forming unique talents but most importantly they consist of social virtues. Ren is a virtue that thinks of others.


bond between them and their parents and also children. How the Ideal Person to act? Confucianism is a faith system grown by Confucius and Chinese practice%(7). Reading: Confucianism. Confucianism. Confucianism was the official religion of China from B.C.E.

until it was officially abolished when communist leadership discouraged religious practice in The religion was developed by Kung Fu-Tzu (Confucius), who lived in the sixth and fifth centuries B.C.E.


(the kind treatment of every person.

Confucianism sociology and ideal person
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