Supply chain game pangea

Players can be offered some rewards increasing their profits to encourage participation and to motivate the players to seriously play the game. Every sea transfer in the world starts with the NVOCC or carrier issuing a Bill of Lading document that acknowledges the receipt of the cargo.

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Depending on class size, the grading time may vary from several hours to days. By tokenizing the Bill of Lading documents using the Ethereum blockchain network, CargoX solves the biggest problem of logistics and supply chain management by addressing key factors such as: Some student teams adopt a wait and see strategy and simply react to demand.

What Is The Pangea Jurisdiction? While some dispensers, particularly the chain drug stores, are ready for this, many in the supply chain are not. Instructors may help students register their teams during a computer lab session or office hour, for example.


Drug distributors as well as manufacturers or logistics providers with large warehouses have specialized needs when it comes to DSCSA, in that the pick, pack and ship events defined by DSCSA occur there. Reward and recognize employees.

Super Game Chain (SGCC) Statistics

But similar numbers were seen in prior Operation Pangeas—indicating the resilience of the rogue pharmacy business. Customers receive the product from the supplier, process it, convert it into a finished good and sell it to the consumers e.

Flow of the Game In each period, the following events take place: The game is also commercially available and affordable by students. Custom Vault, one of the leading vendors in this area, has broadened its product offerings to include HighBay vaults which can go up several storiesMegaVaults with modular concrete slabs for the floor, walls and ceiling of the vault and a Double-Leaf Door that allows for forklift movement into the vault.

Supply Chain

Customers also submit forecasts for the next few periods. Traditionally, these concepts are taught in a certain order according to a textbook, but the simulation game helps students dynamically link them together as an integrated skill set.

There is truly something for everyone! Comply with all applicable policies, rules and regulations, including but not limited to those relating to safety, health, and wage and hour.

Several days before the questions about it. The resolution process is often a bureaucratic nightmare and the replacement document require over 20 days to be re-issued.The supply chain game thus can be applied in coaching strong supply chain strategic thinking skills and validating the implications of various supply chain strategies.

To further derive value from the supply chain gaming research, future plans include adapting the game in.

Supply Chain Management Lecture 26 Detailed Outline Thursday April 22 Simulation game briefing Simulation game description FCQs Tuesday April 27 Review Simulation strategy Formula sheet (available online) Review final Thursday April 29 Simulation Game Thursday December 10 is the last day to turn in homework Tuesday May 4 Final pm – pm Teams The Supply Chain Game.

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How Blockchain Technology Could Combat the Global Counterfeit Drug Market Wins Apex Award

Trusted Partners. Transparent & Sustainable Supply Chain. Neesvig’s Food Service in partnership with Empire Fish Company provides responsibly sourced premium meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy products to top tier restaurants, country clubs, and hotels across the Midwest.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Game

Mar 08,  · Pangea Networking solution is powered by the ConfPower system ( The animation has been created by Michał Zaleski & Jakub Pechta from Marcin Franc - IT Consulting (

A new VHDL-AMS book just became available from the Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers. SystemVision Cloud is a perfect environment for supply chain collaboration.

Supply chain game pangea
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