The unjust theory and iraq war essay

As I recall "Thou shalt not kill" didn't come with the rider "Unless they can hurt you first! If every life is equal to every other life, then a leader should not be more willing to fight wars abroad simply because his own nation's civilian population will be at little risk during the conflict.

The expression "rights trump" is derived from Dworkin, What if, however, a soldier of a democratic government is not ignorant, at least not invincibly so, and believes the war in question is unjust.

Iraq was given every reasonable opportunity to leave but chose to remain in Kuwait. Fortunately neither were used even though some suspect limited gas attacks were made.

Parents and physicians are exceptions, for they have extra obligations to attend to the needs of children and patients.

Even though the average Iraqi soldier was fighting against his will in the desert, by no means did the average American Marine private relish the thought of combat against even a weak enemy. The morally high-minded war advocate's resort to deadly force is aptly characterized by the war opponent as follows: In order to fashion a response that will have some chance of improving rather than aggravating the situation, one must assess the events and circumstances leading up to the present crisis.

Ultimately, the conclusion one reaches through applying utilitarianism to a particular instance of war will depend upon the length of time over which one conducts one's analysis. Accordingly, it is sometimes said that the military personnel in such cases are acting supererogatorily, "above and beyond the call of duty".

The difference between standard close-quarter air-to-air heat-seeking missile, targeting the closest source of heat for a period of seconds or minutes and a pilot-less, autonomous air superiority fighter targeting all Sus it detects within the duration of a three-hour patrol is profound, but nonetheless the exact threshold we set on the continuum between these two pieces of hardware must be arbitrary.

Gas and Nuclear weapons Two of the liveliest moral debates during the Gulf War involved weaponry used. Finally, to add to the numerous reasons that the Gulf War was just, humanitarian intervention was necessary as a result of the atrocities performed against the Kuwaiti civilians.

I want to explore the underlying ethics which create the duty to obey orders that conflict with our social values.

A military cannot pursue its responsibilities to the state in isolation. Framing the dilemma and the role of conscience A moral dilemma, in simplest terms, is a situation in which a person feels he or she ought to do action A. In such a situation there are moral reasons for doing both actions, but it is not possible to do both because to do one of the actions would violate the other.

As Vitoria argued earlier, if the injustice of a war is clear to a soldier then the answer is no. Nonetheless, during times of war, the rhetoric of justice becomes hyperbolic and the aspersion of the enemy nearly always absolute.

There are doubts over the loyalty Saddam Hussein can expect from his army, if their backs are against the wall. I have never met Jeremy, but according to Deb, Jeremy is proud to be serving our country and has no regrets about joining the Army and being stationed in Iraq.

The first line was the border separating the two sovereign countries of Iraq and Kuwait. Even Walzer admits that service in the defense of your country is a type of coercion by the populous Walzer Accordingly, a pacifist may quite rationally reject all calls to war on the grounds that at least half of all rationales offered by leaders throughout history have been duplicitous or confused.

Here we begin to enter very difficult territory. After the war, military planners admitted that nuclear bombs would not have been used even if large-scale gas attacks killed coalition troops.

No doubt, in times of conflict 10 patriotic fever intensifies propaganda, and impartially can be sacrificed along party lines. Walzer also fails to recognize that to accept utilitarian reasoning in war is to accept utilitarianism, tout court.

Until empowered, no person can commit crimes against humanity. Pacifists alone uphold the motivating premise of absolutism, that the killing of human beings is morally forbidden.

Allegedly "just retribution" metamorphoses all too quickly to vindictive revenge.

The Unjust War Theory

Therefore Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori is a concept used by sabre-rattling jingos to force down the throats of their naive, militaristic population in an attempt to win votes through the chance of a foreign policy victory that draws attention from the debacles that are occurring in their flawed domestic poicies.

Last Resort After the initial invasion, diplomatic efforts were made to avoid fighting. To repel the aggression and put an end to the human slaughter of Kuwaiti civilians, the American-led coalition was authorized and justified to wage war against Iraq.

Here one asks if the war is fought justly Walzer Although leaders wage wars, rarely do modern leaders themselves wield deadly weapons. Although the epistemological problems with utilitarianism are ultimately insoluble, it can hardly be denied that the bombs are inherently destructive of life and property, while food, water, clothing, shelter and medicine are not.In exploring these questions, the two dominant paradigms in writing about war are considered: just war theory and utilitarianism.

The moral centrality of intentions emerges through an explanation of the distinction often made between natural and man-made catastrophe. Therefore, on the grounds of insufficient reason, the Iraq War is unjust.

In order to properly make this claim it is necessary to analyze President George W. Bush’s argument, focusing on the components of the jus ad bellum criteria from the just war theory. Under the Unjust War Theory, all three of the following conditions must be met: The war being undertaken is an actual self-defense from immediate attack, or it is a war intended to stop the perpetration of well-defined international crimes, such as genocide.

Bojarczuk Writing for Graduate school February 24, Result of Iraq War In March 20,the Iraq War was an invasion force led by the United States.

Iraq: Why Unjust Wars Don't End

In the beginning, the government led by George W. Bush claimed that this military operation was necessary in order to attack terrorism and eliminate the extensive chemical weapons.

War in Iraq and Just War Theory

This is actually a topic of growing interest in the literature around just war theory. (particularly in his book Killing in War and essay The Moral what is just).

The Unjust War Theory

Others joined after 9/11 out of a sense of desire to help. That the US turned around and prosecuted an unjust war in Iraq doesn't change their motivations.

Unjust Iraq War

Nov 11,  · The “just war theory” has influenced the ethical positions on violent conflict of both church and state for centuries. But consensus on that theory has begun to erode.

Mises Review

Rethinking the ‘Just War,’ Part 1 Search. Subscribe Now Log In 0 Settings. and the Iraq War.

The unjust theory and iraq war essay
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